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English Video Series #elevateenglish

Series Overview

  • 1Promo Video
  • 2How to Prepare

Essay Writing

  • 1How to plan an essay
  • 2How to write an introduction
  • 3How to use quotes & evidence

Language Analysis

  • 1Language Analysis questions
  • 2Persuasive techniques
  • 3Analysing images

Skills (state specific)

  • 1Oral Presentations
  • 2Creative Writing (HSC)

Exam Room Tips

  • 1Writing Exams
  • 2Memorising Quotes
  • 3In the Exam Room (VCE)
  • 4In the Exam Room (HSC)
  • 5Series Finale & Next Steps

Step 1: Watch the trailer


Raul shows you how to ace English. Raul got a perfect score for English, and it's possible for you too. Just watch the episodes, use the formula and prepare to succeed in English. Anyone can watch this - even those not in year 12 - as it's a perfect head start on English. 


and much more...


Step 2: Sign up!



Step 3: Get started on Phase 1, Episode 1. 



Submitted by Zalia on Thursday, 30/03/17 - 05:13pm

Hi, I have subscribed to this series but seem to only be able to access 4 of the resources, i am looking to find the command verb sheet, should this be in my email or is there something i need to do? Thank you

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Submitted by on Thursday, 30/03/17 - 08:07pm

Hi Zaila, thanks so much for your comment. This is something that got overlooked and we've now uploaded it to the page so you should be able to access it immediately! Good luck with the series and let us know what you think! The Elevate Team

Submitted by Unknown on Monday, 12/02/18 - 08:39pm

Hi, I have signed up for the series but I didn't receive any e-mail which has the resources needed for the series. Can you please help me?

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Submitted by Unknown on Wednesday, 14/02/18 - 09:45am

HI there, Apologies for the issues with the resources. We're looking into it now so the email starts working again. Until that happens, you can access the resources here: 1. Harry Potter Essay: 2. Essay Plan: 3. Persuasive Techniques: 4. Essay Builder: Again, thank you for your patience and we hope this helps! The Elevate Team