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news hero

Biology Video Series #elevatebio

Series Intro

  • 1#elevatebio Trailer

Week 1

  • 1Episode 1: Our plan of attack!
  • 2Episode 2: Set a target Score
  • 3Episode 3: Finishing Your Notes

Week 2

  • 1Episode 1: Memorising Information
  • 2Episode 2: Using the Memory Table
  • 3Episode 3: Cellular Transport
  • 4Episode 4: Meisos

Week 3

  • 1Episode 1: Exam Cycle A
  • 2Episode 2: Become Exam Bulletproof
  • 3Episode 3: Multiple Choice Questions
  • 4Episode 4: Extended Answer Questions

Week 4

  • 1Episode 1: Exam Cycle B + Study Groups
  • 2Episode 2: Progress Update

Week 5

  • 1Episode 1: Exam Structure
  • 2Episode 2: Using Reading Time (VIC only)
  • 3Episode 3: Which Section first? (VIC only)
  • 4Episode 4: Begin Cycle C
  • 5Episode 5: Examination Reports (VIC only)
  • 6Episode 6: Marking Guidelines (NSW only)
  • 7Season Finale!

Bonus Material

  • 1Exam Walkthrough Videos

Step 1: Watch the trailer


Join Kirun as he guides you through a step-by-step exam video series. Kirun got an A+ in Biology, studies Science at uni and tutors students in Biology: he knows his stuff. Follow his advice, and follow the steps to a great study score.

and much more...


Step 2: Sign up!



Step 3: Get started on Week 1, Episode 1. 



Submitted by Jason C Man on Thursday, 04/08/16 - 09:43pm

Thanks Kirun, this series really has helped me heaps. My Biology teacher is always at least a little disorganised, so I especially appreciated this systematic way of preparing.

Read more
Submitted by Jason C Man on Thursday, 04/08/16 - 09:43pm

Thanks Courteney! Glad to hear you took a lot from it:)

Submitted by Unknown on Tuesday, 17/10/17 - 11:07am

Step 1. Picture Catabolic and Anabolic with capital letters. Step 2. Pretend you are tracing you finger on the capital C and A. For the C you have to trace downwards and therefore you are breaking down molecules and releasing energy. For the A you have to trace upwards because A is a taller letter so therefore you are building up molecules using energy. Hope this helps everyone!

Submitted by Aaron on Friday, 16/02/18 - 08:37pm

Mnemonic: “ABCD” Anabolic Builds, Catabolic Destroys