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Are you getting enough sleep?

Don't lose out on a cycle!

Without getting to 'science-y' here, it's improtant to know how sleep works to develop your brain. Basically, we sleep in cycles of 90 minutes. Within each sleep cycle, there is a period known as REM sleep (this is when you're dreaming). REM sleep is the period that is responsible for consolidating memories and repairing your body. This means, you need it if you want to help consolidate all the stuff you learnt while you were studying. Here's the catch: each 90 minute cycle of sleep lengthens the REM period - meaning that with each cycle, you actually get more REM sleep. This is why every minute counts! You want to aim for a minimum of 8 hours per night when you're studying. So if you want to help your chances of getting to sleep, follow the tips in this video. Also, check out our blog post on a list of apps which can help too!

Submitted by truck on Tuesday, 13/08/19 - 11:19am